Dom Paris & Sons Collision Center‚Äč

1521 Cunningham Street
Rockford, Illinois,  61102

Hot Rod Magazine.......1970

Action shot by Steve Reyes catches driver Rico Paris hanging out the laundry and the rear motor tossing a blower belt. AA/Gas Digger e.t.s arrow straight on 200 plus-mph runs.

Stiletto chassis by Gary Wood really works!

During the 60's and 70's, Dom Paris Sr. and sons, Rico and Pete, ran a thriving business which today, is still a top notch body shop. Located in Rockford, Illinois, 'Paris Wreck Rebuilders' is as popular an establishment as it was in the past. When they weren't fixing wrecks, they were playing with Top Gas cars. Their best effort in race car building was this "Twin Hemi" monster.

With two fully blown and fuel injected Chrysler engines, it has a unique 240 inch chassis designed by Gary Wood of Stiletto Products. It has a solid mounted third member using Chrysler 4.11:1 gears, Sterling disc brakes, and Henry's axles spinning Goodyear meats on 10 x 16 mags. All the way up front, is a torsion bar snubbed drop tube front axle sporting Pirelli 2.25 x 18s mounted on American mags. The 'Boys' fabricated the aluminum body and finished it in red lacquer with lettering by Potter. A single Enderie 110 fuel pump feeds both engines from a five gallon tank, also custom made by Gary Wood. When gassed-up and ready to go, the AA/GD weighs in at 2010 pounds.

Initial times ran in the 200's at 7.31 seconds.

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